[Can I eat spicy food during lactation]_Postpartum_Can I eat it?

Mala Tang, eat in winter, a bowl of hot and spicy go down, the whole person becomes warm and comfortable; in summer, a bowl of Mala Tang has eaten, sweaty, that part of the stimulus, that part is hearty, refreshing!

Everyone knows that lactating mothers do n’t eat what they want. They have to think about their babies. So, can lactating mothers eat spicy food?

Can I eat spicy food during lactation?

Reasons for not being able to eat spicy foods during lactation: Combined, spicy foods are often added with spicy seasonings such as peppers, and spicy foods should not be consumed during lactation.

This kind of food is easy to cause lactation mothers to get angry, cause tongue sores, constipation or hemorrhoids, and affect the baby through milk, make it hotter, and prone to constipation and other symptoms.

At the same time, hot and spicy foods are mostly street snacks. There is no guarantee of hygienic quality, and foods may not be cooked properly. Breastfeeding mothers are prone to diarrhea if they eat improperly, so it is not convenient for breastfeeding.

Therefore, you should not eat mala Tang during lactation.

Moms should keep in mind that what is eaten by the mother during lactation will directly affect the baby’s rations. It is advisable to eat a light diet during lactation. Eat less spicy, spicy, sour, cold, and hot foods. Eat a balanced diet during lactation.Don’t be picky eaters and don’t eat junk food without nutrition.

In fact, during the breastfeeding period, Bao Ma 3 has a kind of food that is not to be eaten, which may affect the baby, and may also affect the quality of breast milk.

Type 1: Foods that may make people feel allergic, such as shrimp, mango and many other foods. Because of some of the substances contained in them, these substances may cause allergic people to be more prone to allergies. Therefore, Baoma during breastfeedingTry not to eat these foods anymore.

Because if Baoma often eats these foods with allergens, the substances they contain may be passed through the milk, causing the baby to be allergic.

Therefore, during breastfeeding, Baoma should be aware that eating some foods may be allergic, and then try to avoid eating these foods.

Type 2: Spicy foods that are easy to get angry, such as hot pot, Bao Ma’s body may be hot because of something spicy, and they will get angry. Then they do n’t know they can’t control their mouths., Eat anything with a bit of spicy taste before eating, often in this case, it is likely to cause excessive accumulation of fire in the body, and then cause anger.

Although these foods may cause breastfeeding mothers to increase their appetite, it is recommended not to eat them often, because if Baoma gets angry, these anger may also be brought into the baby’s body and make the baby also angry.
Type 3: Cool food for clearing heat and summer heat, some ice cream, ice cream. Now that it is hot summer, many people will eat some clear food for summer heat in summer to dispel the heat in the body and avoid themselves.Heat stroke.
However, such foods are all cold foods. If the mother during lactation often eats it, the imagination of returning milk may appear.

As a result, the baby cannot be provided with enough milk and the baby does not grow up with sufficient nutrition.

Therefore, it is recommended that breast-feeding mothers try not to eat these cold foods often in summer.

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