[How and recipe of ramen soup]_how to make _ making method

Although the production of ramen itself is very critical, the most important thing is to make the ramen soup. Only in this way will it taste more delicious when it is eaten. So in general, the ramen soup can not be ignored, but now the ramenThere are also many types of soup, which are mainly determined according to their favorite. Basically, they are mostly beef soup. After all, beef ramen is still relatively famous, so the taste is easier to be accepted by people.

Method 1: Put the shank of beef in a cold water pot and boil it over medium heat for a while. Boil the bleeding water and pour it out for washing.

2. Take the cauldron and put it in the shank, fill it with water, and add the raw material 2 (I put it in the tea filter bag.

One hundred euros per filter bag is economical and very durable.

), Shao wine is boiled, skimming off the floating foam, use a low heat to keep boiling but not boiling, and simmer for 3 hours until crisp.

3. Talk about noodles. When I’m in a good mood, I will make hand-rolled noodles.

In a normal mood, I use a noodle machine (other than that, my tools are still very complete).

If you are in a bad mood, just use noodles.

Take the noodle machine-pressed noodles 4, cook the noodles, and remove them into a bowl.

Serving bowl of soup, top with beef, sprinkle with chives, and parsley.

carry out.

Take a piece of dough, knead it by hand, then lay it flat on the case panel, with the light side down, and use a rolling pin to roll it out into slices.

When the noodle block is rolled to a certain degree, roll the rolling pin into it, tightly wrap the inside with the noodle, and push the roll repeatedly at the same time.

After doing this several times, spread it out, sprinkle an appropriate amount of flapping noodles, roll the rolling pin into it from the other direction, carry out the rolling operation, and then spread and spread the flapping noodles.

And so on, until the dough is rolled into thin slices.

4.Cut the rolled noodles into thin strips of noodles with a knife, and place them in a boiling water pot and cook for about 3 minutes.

Production method 2: 1. Put the salt into the water, stir well, pour the water into the flour, and knead the dough with a smooth surface. (Do not add all the water at once, pour most of it first, and then see if the dough is in good condition.)It’s better to make the dough a little harder.

2. Put the dough in a container, cover the box, and simmer for an hour.

Can be added to the refrigerator freezer, the noodles will be more muscular 3, remove the dough, knead repeatedly in the case, knead as much as possible.

The labor you pay must be directly proportional to the reward you receive.

4. Spread some thin noodles on the surface, roll the kneaded dough into a round cake shape, and then roll it into an oval dough sheet. Roll the dough sheet on the rolling pin to make it thinner and thinner.

It is best to repeat this operation at different angles in the middle.

5. After reaching the thickness you need, unfold the dough sheet and spread some thin noodles on it. 6 Fold the dough sheet and cut it into thin strips with a width of 7 at random. After cutting, spread the noodles and spread the thin noodles to prevent adhesion, Cook for an hour, cook for 8 hours, open the underwater pot, the hand-rolled noodles are better cooked, just cook