[Grained Cereals Stirred and Grinded into Flour]_How to Grind _ Production Process

Grain meal powder is loved by people in daily life because it is delicious and nutritious, but many cities face the whole grain meal as raw powder, that is, it is ground directly without frying.The produced whole grain flour is not high in value after being cooked and then ground. It should be noted that the temperature and time of baking of different ingredients are different. Friends in need can learn more.

First, the process of cooking and grinding the whole grains into flour 1. Clean all the raw materials prepared and install them in pots (the size of the pots depends on the amount of your raw materials).

2. After heating the cleaned wok, pour the black beans into the wok over low heat and stir-fry until cooked.

3. Pour black rice into a wok over low heat and stir-fry until it blooms on the surface.

Black rice has been frying for a long time.

4. It is best to add corn flakes to a preheated oven and bake at 10 degrees for 20 minutes. The corn flakes are very fragrant and crispy.

5, wheat, red beans are also poured into the pan and cooked.

You have to try each one, it’s crispy.

6. When all the cooked raw materials have cooled down and become brittle, mix them evenly (put in some rock sugar if you like sweet flavors), and put them in the grinder to make fine powder.

Second, the cooking of whole grains is more nutritious, and most people use baking methods to ripen the whole grains.

The roasted grains are indeed richer in flavor and better in color. At the same time, the high temperature still melts and sterilizes, which can be said to serve several purposes.

However, if the temperature is not properly controlled during the baking process, it will cause total nutritional loss.

Taking soy flour as an example, baking for about 14 minutes at 130 seconds and baking for 4 minutes at 150 seconds can both result in good color, rich bean flavor and no odor.

But these soy flours look the same and have a balanced nutritional content.

This is because the amino acids that make up proteins can easily lose activity when exposed to high temperatures, which reduces the protein content of the food.

Therefore, when the food is cooked, if it is baked at a high temperature for the purpose of changing the time, it will be more worthwhile.

Generally, the curing temperature is not recommended to exceed 130 ° C.

Of course, different ingredients require different ripening conditions.

However, in general, the higher the temperature, the longer the time, the browner the color of the ingredients after baking, and the better the nutrition loss.

In addition, you should also pay attention to: the grains are prone to moisture, and should not be left for too long.

It is definitely to process or buy the finished product by yourself, it is recommended not to add too much, and try to eat it within two weeks.

Usually, the grain powder should be stored in a clean container and stored in a dry, cool, ventilated and clean environment.

Taking into account the fast digestion of powdered food, it is easy to cause rapid rise in blood sugar after eating, so people with diabetes or diabetes or chronic stomach disease, chronic kidney disease, gout and other diseases should consume appropriate amount as appropriate.